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The Greek novelist who conquered New York with his first book – U.S. Embassy Athens

In his debut novel “Hotel Living” Ioannis Pappos, a Greek immigrant who mixes his life as a management consultant with his passion for writing, presents a world of testosterone and international finance, pampered — or roughed up — by unique hotels, tenement buildings, insider trading, bespoke suits, fistfights, and fast sex.

“Hotel Living” is the story of Stathis Rakis, who abandoned his Greek village for a more worldly life through an MBA at an elite business school. After falling in love with a liberal New England journalist with a good conscience, Stathis moves to the United States to begin the life of a high-powered consultant for a company called Command. As the economy recovers and a new bubble expands in a post-9/11 world, Stathis drifts upward, bearing witness to the criminal decadence that will become the 2008 financial crisis. He spends the very few hours of the day that aren’t consumed by work draining the minibar, battling insomnia, and bingeing on more than room service in his expensed suites in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and London. In a world of insiders — from corporate suits to Hollywood celebutantes — Stathis remains the outsider: too foreign to be one of them, too cynical to turn back.

Ioannis Pappos with author Judith Stonehill at a ‘Hotel Living’ book-launch party at Bookmarc in West Village, NYC.